Monday, July 26, 2010

Add Costa Rica To Your Life!

Dear Costa Rica Real Estate bloggers, and those of you considering adding a foreign country to your life,

I am pleased to be a new source of experience and information about Costa Rica Real Estate Investment, especially for its newest zone of interest - The North Pacific Gold Coast of the Guanacaste Province. This entire region is accessible within one hour of landing on your international flight at Liberia, Costa Rica - the newest international airport in Central America.

I decided to move here 7 years ago and actually did it 6 years ago. I moved for a long-term life change that could include retirement someday. Costa Rica welcomed me with open arms and great karma. I have established a full life here, including real estate and business investments, and have a personal commitment to pass the good karma along to those that follow. Perhaps you?

In addition to all the good investment reasons to consider it, the weather, the beaches, the sunsets, and the casual lifestyle are exactly what I was looking for in my new life. When I used to live in Chicago, I dismissed people from tropical zones who were cold at 70 degrees. Now, I have become one!...and very glad for it.

I promise to add regular features about real estate investment and life in Costa rica - and lots of pictures. I am uploading a video next with all the first reasons you can come to Costa Rica - usually for a vacation. It doesn't take long after arrival to feel the spiritual connection, if you ever will, and then you will ask yourself if Costa Rica could be right for you.

And, if you already have made up your mind, post your questions, and check opportunities at


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