Sunday, January 30, 2011

Global MLS Platform Comes to Costa Rica

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011, The Costa Rica MLS, will begin serving Costa Rica's realtors and connecting them to over 1.3 million real estate professionals who are part of the Proxio system worldwide. The Proxio MLS platform is quickly becoming the global standard for national, state, and regional real estate database systems. Globalization of the real estate business is well underway, and connecting worldwide realtors to Costa Rica's very desirable properties is a major goal of The Costa Rica MLS.

The impetus for selecting Proxio came from CRGAR, The Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors. CRGAR then invited its sister organization, CCCBR, Camara Costarricense de Corredores Bienes Raices to join in offering the Costa Rica MLS as the one true Multiple Listing Service for the country. Members of both organizations comprise the most well-trained, and ethically bound real estate professionals in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is again showing its leadership in the region by being the first Central or Latin American country to adopt a global MLS platform for its real estate profession. Most recently, the decision to select Proxio was also made by the realtor association representing 90% of the realtors in France.

Allen Lungo, CRGAR Board Member, Coordinator of its MLS software selection process, and Broker/Owner of Costa Rica Real Estate Store, said "Using the global platform metaphor, we see ourselves as building a 21st Century professional platform for Costa Rica's realtors, and adding the Proxio-based MLS is an important step. We are proud to do our part to assert that Costa Rica has truly become a "first world" nation - ready for global business."

The Costa Rica MLS will be available to the entire internet-connected population of the world on March 1, 2011, through its primary public portal, The Costa Rica MLS. Participating realtors may also offer access to the entire Costa Rica MLS from their individual websites. Look for the link on their own website homepages or in the directory of The Costa Rica MLS starting in March.

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