Sunday, February 3, 2013

Costa Rica REALTORS® Meet Rising Real Estate Activity with New Online Marketing Resources and Outreach Efforts

CRGAR Increases Member Support for Marketing Services for Sellers, Outreach to Investors, and Relations with International Referral Sources.....

The Costa Rica Global Association of REALTORS® (CRGAR) is starting 2013 by expanding its support as a marketing partner for all its members, while Costa Rica also enjoys rising real estate activity and record visitor volumes. CRGAR recognizes its responsibility to help its members keep a unique competitive edge, as expanding market activity draws new players into the profession. CRGAR offers The Costa Rica MLS (CRMLS), is a Bi-Lateral Partner of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)and applies NAR's Standards of Professional Practice to its members.

CRGAR's 2013 Support Includes:

1) More premium internet syndication channels for agent profiles and property listings - CRMLS data, powered by Proxio is automatically fed on a daily basis to,, the Point2-based personal websites of CRMLS users, World Properties,, (Feb 6), Point2-affilated websites like and, and will soon be available to the global portals connected through (serving the UK, Italy, Russia, India, Japan, China, South Africa, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, and the Middle East).

2) A completely new, innovative social media strategy that merges the full resources of the Costa Rica MLS (CRMLS) with the of power Facebook Business Pages for each CRMLS user - CRMLS users can take advantage of Facebook's "Shares", "Likes", "Friends", to reach potential audiences of millions with the full CRMLS inventory. Visit The Costa Rica MLS on Facebook, (please "like" our page, then click "Property Search"), to get familiar with CRGAR's installation of SocialSearch by Proxio on our page, and look for similar installations on individual CRMLS user Facebook pages soon.

3) Participating in and sponsoring international events to raise awareness of Costa Rica as an investment opportunity - In the past year CRGAR has sent speakers/messages to 6 different REALTOR® venues in the United States, and sponsored 2 full institutes (in Costa Rica) offering the "Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)" designation from NAR. The next institute will be held in Tamarindo from February 11-15, 2013. Reply to for details.

4) B2B networking connecting over 500,000 global professionals making use of instantaneous translation of CRMLS property listing data into 19 languages - Among the unique tools, only available in The Costa Rica MLS, is the ability to communicate in the 19 most dominant global languages, and to have network relationships with real estate professionals worldwide. In the most recent examples of the potential value, as globalization continues, CRGAR has learned that,

a) Brazil's 260,000 licensed realtors are starting to get connected to CRGAR through the Proxio network, at the same time Copa Airlines has established one-stop service to Liberia, Costa Rica, from many major cities there (and South America). Costa Rica's vacation rental companies are reporting dramatically increased numbers of inquiries from Brazil, suggesting that communicating with Portuguese-speaking investors and realtors may become a new priority for CRGAR members.

b) Local tourism officials have reported that advance teams from China are evaluating airports in Costa Rica for its airlines to establish service. Once travel is eased between the 2 countries, the same evolution (as is being seen with Brazil) is likely to generate Chinese language-based opportunities for CRGAR members, as well.

5) Cooperative relationships with other international networks and MLS systems to display CRGAR member profiles and listings around the world - To encourage new interactions between global realtors and investors, as expected above, CRMLS listings are starting to appear directly in the search dropdowns of other MLS systems and networks. The first link established was with Miami Realtors, and in Brazil, Rede SECOVI and Rede Brasil will be next. 

6) A new "CRGAR Referral Member" category, that allows international real estate professionals with an interest in Costa Rica, to be affiliated with CRGAR and get access to CRMLS tools on their own websites in their home marketsInternational professionals may join CRGAR in a special category and purchase a CRMLS search widget that will display CRMLS listings with their own contact information on their own websites - supporting their role as referral agents to CRGAR members. CRGAR will also facilitate referral payment relationships by offering standardized agent agreements and Costa Rica tax information.

CRGAR Welcomes You to Grow with Us in 2013,

.....As a new or returning Realtor member in Costa Rica, as an affiliated user of the Costa Rica MLS, as a Referral Member from anywhere on the Earth, and/or as an attendee of our CIPS Institute (Feb 11) or our annual professional training classes (March).

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