Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Costa Rica Real Estate - Right Now!

The Costa Rica real estate market is coming back from the depths of the world financial crisis, and the opportunity for you to get involved will never be brighter. Costa Rica's appeal as a destination for vacation, investment, retirement, and a change of life has never wavered, while the real estate market suffered from a lack of foreign investors during the worldwide downturn. Now, while availability is still strong and prices have only started to climb again, is the best time for you to dust off plans for grabbing a retirement location, a second home investment, or a vacation rental income generator

Consider this taking your 2013 summer vacation in Costa Rica to see for yourself. We can help with planning your trip: crresinfo@gmail.com

                         Casa Isla en el Cielo - The epitome of an ocean view dream location

You should know:

Costa Rica is a low tax environment - Property taxes are 1/4 of 1% of value per year in 99.9% of the country.
Costa Rica supports investor rights - Foreigners can own 100% of property or corporation assets with no local participation or approval.
Costa Rica welcomes new residents - Residency can be most easily established with a $200,000 property investment or as a foreign retiree.
Costa Rica was recently named one of the "Happiest Places on Earth" with the greatest longevity among worldwide inhabitants.
Costa Rica consistently ties Hawaii, as one of the most popular vacation spots in the world.

As President of Costa Rica Real Estate Store, an independent agency with 3 offices on the northwest Pacific coast, and as President of the Costa Rica Global Association of REALTORS®, a NAR Bi-Lateral Partner, I am reaching out with a sample of listings that we would recommend in Costa Rica. We have been here for 9 years and can help you with all aspects of investment and ongoing property ownership in our beautiful country. All listings and images are available within a 1 hour drive of the new international airport at Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR) - the 2nd gateway in Costa Rica.

You may receive a free, PDF-version of the brochure by email request to crresinfo@gmail.com. Smaller versions of the slides are included here to show what you will receive:

Sunny day rainbows are a common occurrence with a passing shower in Green Season:

Guanacaste province surrounds the northwest Pacific coast, offering sunsets from ocean view properties:

Vacation condos abound in Tamarindo, the epicenter of tourism (and surfing) on our coast:

Secluded spots and natural settings offer pleasing alternatives away from the beaches, too:

 This last morning photo of 2012 was taken from our most spectacular ocean view listing:

 Costa Rica is a place of beauty, good karma, and opportunity. Consider "diving in", and we will be glad to welcome you and your dreams!

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